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    Hand Crafted - Wood Fired
            Proper Breads 
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BritBreads - for local, fresh, quality products.

Five Grain Bread
Sourdough Couronne
Danish Pastries 

Our Bakery

BritBreads is a small artisan bakery serving the local community. Our primary goal is to provide hand-crafted, freshly baked products, produced from the finest ingredients. Our products are made using traditional methods and are baked in a wood-fired brick bread oven.

They range from classic French, German and Italian breads to regional favorites from the United Kingdom.

Hence our trading name, which was chosen to reflect our British roots. 

Our baker, Lou Jones, has been a professional chef for over 50 years. He began as a pastry chef and later moved into other kitchen disciplines; his latest passion, is real bread! His career achievements include: British National Chef of the Year, awarded gold medals at both The Culinary Olympics and World Cup and in 1994, was mentioned in The Queen's New Years Honours list and appointed an MBE.

Lou is also the co-author of Bistros and Brasseries, an award winning publication from the Culinary Institute of America's Restaurants Dining Series.

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We have an extensive range of baked goods, both yeasted and levain (sourdoughs) raised breads. Our enriched

breads include White Chocolate and Cranberry Brioche. We also have Gluten Free products,

Besides the classic French and Danish pastries, we offer many Brit favourites: Lardy Cake, Jamaica Ginger Cake, Eccles Cakes, name a few.

"Cream tea"? Naturally, we have scones, but to enjoy a cream tea, one needs, clotted cream. Disappointed with the quality of imported Devonshire Clotted Cream, Lou decided to make his own, which is a great favourite with our customers. 


Enjoy BritBreads Quality Products at:

Millbrook Farmers' Market, NY. Saturdays 9AM - 1PM

We'll be back on opening day May 25th 2024.

Attending every other week. 

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